Little do we know

Little do we know

Five years into marriage. A hardcore tokophobe at the time (Tokophobia is the pathological fear of pregnancy and childbirth. Mention the word pregnancy then and you will have sent crawling right out of my skin. Ask when I was going to have a baby of my own and I will have curled into a ball for days on end. Fast forward a year into therapy. A year full of admitting, facing and solving. A year full of crippling uncertainty. Yet a year that ended up with two bright pink lines on a stick. 

But oh so little did I know.

Now five years into motherhood. Five years of countless sleepless nights and of sweet morning cuddles, of giggles and of tears, of breaking down and pulling through.
Five years of unconditional love. Five years of witnessing a miracle that is my daughter. I was taught by her, loved by her, inspired by and for her.

Somewhere along this journey from a hardcore tokophobe to an avid enthusiast of all things children, the idea of "Applemint and Cocoa" sprung to life.
A brand created by a mother, inspired by a daughter and fueled with love.

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